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RE: Welcome to Hivelist 2.0

in Threespeak4 months ago

I posted something for sale but noticed that there are no other actual for sale listings that I can see.
Too many non-selling posts.


There are quite a few 'forsale' items on Hivelist. But we need more people using it to sell things to help it grow! I do what I can to moderate and filter out the garbage posts but can only do so much. Nobody seems to want to try and make money from actual commerce...

Yes, I'm sure its frustrating.
I've got a number of items on eBay and I'd far prefer to sell them on HiveList.
I can't stand Big Tech and the PayPal fees are obscene.

I'll list a couple more items but I can't see how anyone would actually find my things to buy given the current presentation of the front end.

Is there some way you could modify the front end so that there is a set format for posts that are actually selling things and comment posts are separated out (and perhaps have a limit on rewards).

Why would you have a limit on rewards? And no, the Hive-Engine team hosts and runs the front end via their condenser server. If you post using the correct tags like forsale, then it will show up under that category. Hivelist is more like Craigslist than eBay if you are trying to make comparisons.