My 1st NFTokenized art is on SALE!

in MultidimensioNOW!3 months ago

Greetings, HIVE!

I decided to lower the prices for all 3 editions of my first tokenized art @NFTshowroom. My intention is to sell at least one edition, so I can invest in adding some more #CryptoArt pieces to my gallery. It's a special discount! ;)

Original 3D fractal artwork in high resolution, exclusively rendered for tokenization with a unique background mandala, which is one of my other creations.

dimensions: 2777 x 3397 px; JPG ~ 8MB

  • Rights are set to: Limited Reproduction, which means you're going to own this art and even could modify it, print it or distribute it in any way you like, but I'll remain the original creator of it.

please visit and comment!


Amazing art but sorry I can buy it

Thanks @aiovo!
how much is affordable for you?

Congratulations! That's really cool!

Thanks! I've added it on the #NFTshowroom 18 days ago, now i'm just promoting the discounted prices ;)


@ecosaint just staked some #EDENBUXX!
big respect! ;)