NEW!!! Get a Music NFT of The Vibe!

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I'm super excited to announce that my song, The Vibe, is now available as a collectable music NFT on the Rising Star Game!!!



To celebrate my first music NFT release, as soon as I publish this post, I am going to list the first five NFT's at a discount!!

The first will only be 5000 Starbits!!!

The next four will be half off at 10,000 Starbits!

all the rest will be the regular 20,000 starbits or 5 swap.hive :D

I'm hoping this gives followers of my posts an advantage to collect them cheap!


I'm excited about the Rising Star Angels feature where everyone can stake and profit from every sale of my NFT's. To learn about this neat feature, check out the tutorial and give the video a thumbs up!

Time to list my first music NFT's for sale!!

They can also be purchased here:
scroll down to misc to find the music NFTs! Be careful on this site cause I accidently bought 6 of a card because I didn't realize they were in my cart!!! Hitting the cart icon means buy it! It was worth it though cause it was Jux's music NFT and it's his birthday! :D


Oops! I would refund you but if you have imported them into the game the rewards would have already been paid out to the stakers.

Good luck with your track. It's one of my favourites and I will be buying one for my collection!


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No sweat! I'm happy with my purchase! I'm a Jux NFT HODLer!

I accidently bought 6 of a card because I didn't realize they were in my cart!!!

Easily done! 😂

I think you can resell them can't you. Maybe on WAX.

Congrats on listing your first must NFT.

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Thank you!
I make mistakes so others don't have too! 😂
It was a good mistake though cause yes, i can resell but I'm gonna hodl for now ;)

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What a great work. I really glad to learn more about NFT. It seems would be the future of artists. :)

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I agree! I am happy to see my artist friends actually getting paid for their art :D

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Can’t wait to get first one there

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