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Hello to all my friends of #HIVE and this time especially to friends of the #planetauto and #ocd community that thanks to the latter I discovered this wonderful community with which I think I'm going to get along very well.


Range Rover Velar is my dream car. THE LAND ROVER Range Rover is one of the best luxury car which most of them can afford.


The interior is just 🤩wow.The driving is so comfortable beacause it gives a better seat and have a full view. Mainly one of my favorite feature is touchscreen that really gives us a AI Vibe 😂 I know that's funny but I enjoy it.


The exterior is awsome, the led lamp gives a sexy outlook. It's just a beast with its exterior outlook.


As I said before I'm a technology lover 😂 so driving with the AI vibes Range rover has GPS,. Driving features include; electronic air suspension, adaptive dynamics, intelligent stop/start,(EPAS),(ABS), electronic stability program,(RSC) and trailer stability assist as well as a whole lot more.



The Land Rover Range Rover Velar Price in my country is ₹ 95.23 Lakh. Range Rover Velar is a SUV, offered with a choice of 1997 cc Petrol engine options.

Thank you so much for reading my post! I think you got an idea about my dream car also as the saying goes "Go big or go home" Apart from dreaming doesn't cost anything right?


Now, I love your taste in Land Rovers!! This one is exactly how I would spec mine if I could afford one! The first time I ever saw the velar was in Greece a few years ago. They had a range of Land rovers come to the hotel for the press to try out. They all seemed very impressed.
Keep up the great standard of posts!! I hope to see more of them:)

I saw my first defender today. What do you think of them?
I prefer the older version, but the new shape looks better in person :)

Thank you, @ananthujayan2618, for sharing your dream car with us - and I agree, go big or go home, lol! The Velar certainly is a beast 😊

Please continue to share your posts with us. I am excited to see what other cars catch your eye.


yeah 😊👍