What Happened to Hiverr? The Gig Economy is huge enough to onboard Professionals to Hive

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"Hiverr is a gig marketplace for HIVE users, vendors can provide their unique services and skills customers desire.
A safe, simple and secure way to hire specialists for services."

The above quoted words were the opening sentences in this post when Hiverr was introduced to the Hive blockchain. It's been three months from then till ow, nothing has been heard about the project. I tried to login the Hiver.work website only to find an unconnected website.

What could have led to the drowning of such a lofty project on the Hive blockchain. Could it be poor management or lack of funds, developers or?? Could we say that it wasn't yet time for that or the blockchain features wouldn't support a gig economy?


I had long suggested that Hiverr would've been a product that thrives better in the Leofinance ecosystem. In fact, after the LeoShop, which promises to be a model eCommerce centre on Hive blockchain, I'm still expectant that the leadership of the LeoFinance community should look into gigs.

With LEO bridging the Hive and Ethereum blockchains through wLEO, the utility of the token and it's true value would be unraveled. Seeing LEO at $5 isn't an exaggeration as it would probably get there in not time when many crypto investors begin to hunt the token which is limited in supply. Just imagine that wLEO gets listed in Binance, and other DEX exchanges with huge volumes of trades.

You may ask how fitting would Gig system be related to LEO that is meant to power finance and crypto contents. there are several usecases that would be very fitting for LEO use in Gig economy. Examples are:

  • Copy writing of finance contents for blogs;
  • payment for Research services as it relates to cryptocurrencies and finances;
  • Payment for auditing of financial transactions of firms;
  • Payment for development and building of finance websites;
  • Crypto school fee and many more...

Isn't it too Early? No!

Sharing thoughts and giving out blueprints for the development around the LeoFinance ecosystem isn't too early. In fact, the more the applications, the more the activities on LEO and the better the LEO tokenomics.

Cryptocurrency adoption are activated by news and predictions. Creating an expectations in the minds of the people for the future makes them begin to prepare to be footed now that LEO is cheaper to have and own.


Hivelist provides a marketplace for ready products and that's a solid usecase for the LIST token. The gig ecosystem would enable skilled persons to undertake on-spec jobs for a fee. This would bring more professionals to Hive who would just stick to giving their professional deliveries.

Also, some users would just be here to link up with skilled persons to have their jobs done and they pay with Hive or Hive tokens.

I wish that the LeoFinance community would too look at this direction as this would be a huge project for the hive blockchain.

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"Hiverr is a gig marketplace for HIVE users, vendors can provide their unique services and skills customers desire.

This would be a better platform for me to give out my professional services than on fiverr.

Hope this will soon become real.

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Certainly, you can build your profile and attach a fee for a digital skill. That is, if you do graphics, you can just build your portfolio as in Fiverr and get clients link you up.

It could be as simple as posting your gigs on Hivelist.org. Just use the tag ‘gigs’ or ‘services’ and any other descriptive tags to make it work.

I'd like to see this get up and running too.

Fiverr and Upwork fees suck.

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At least that would be a new pool of earning on Hive asides curating, creating contents and DeFi.

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Would there be a way to make a Hive-Engine token act as a smart contract that only released payment after the work was submitted by the freelancer and approved by the client? Or does the Hive blockchain not have the capability to do this?

If each job became a smart contract, everybody wins.

  1. The freelancer would feel safe because the money for the job is locked up for when they deliver.

  2. The client would feel safe because they won't have to pay until they approve the work has been satisfactorily completed.

  3. Finally, there would be no middle man required to take a cut of the earnings so both client and freelancer would be better off than if they used Fiverr or Upwork.

Everybody wins... except Upwork and Fiverr.

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This is really a mind blowing thought instead of subjecting hivers to spend much time in making meaningful post that will not attract meaningful upvote.

If this is done, a great future already has been created for freelancers.

I was thinking lately of enrolling on a training on how to go about fiverr. I just need to hopefully wait and watch out as things go...

Bravo sir this is simply an amazing thought.

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You've raised some strong points and guide here. I think the escrow function is what Dlease presently uses.

I wish that Khal to have an eye on this. Fiverr would really be a selling project on Hive, particularly if it gets linked to LEO.

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