HIVERR: Cryptocurrency Rewards for Skills, Gigs on Hive Blockchain

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The release of the BETA Testing Version of built on the Hive Blockchain is an indication that Hive is become an all-in-one solution giving blockchain that would power all faucets of human living.Already, we know that there are diverse communities spanning from faith (@Heartchurch) to education (@Education-hive) to Finance (@Steem.leo) giving an array of essential services on the blockchain through cryptocurrencies.

Weeks ago, I mused about a decentralized fiverr on the Hive blockchain with fingers pointing at LeoFinance. Cool to see this dream get material with @Fiverr. Thanks to @JSKitty and @JustinAshby for thinking this to have the Gig economy running on Hive.

I know of many smart guys who have awesome skill-sets that would very much likely be needed on Hive, they wouldn't want to join and create their content for an anonymous voter. Rather, they would be glad to handle specific tasks and get paid with Hive after completion. Vote begging is never acceptable here and one cannot actually tell who would appreciate his content.

In fact, there is one of the awesome content creators I had so admired on Hive, he left to work full-time on Fiverr with the claim that he is always sure of what he's putting his efforts to build. Definitely, when one takes up a Gig on Hiverr, he would be sure that on delivery, so so much of $HIVE would have been due to him with the Hiverr development.

I wpould have loved to join tthe league of the BETA Testers of but cannot due to issues I've had with Hive-Keychain. I keep having errors I do not know how to get resolved. I wish we could have other modes of login. Reading the below section from the introduction post of Hiverr is quite assuring.

Put your skills to use and get paid for it in HIVE! There are plenty of ideas out there in the world that needs your skillset to exist. Whether signing gigs part-time or using Hiverr for full-time work, you get the opportunity to be self-sufficient. - source.

I'm sure with this Hiverr development, there would be much onboarding of the highly skilled guys to Hive to maximize the savouring potentials of the Gig Economy.

As a marketer of the LeoFinance community, I am sure that the creators of Hiverr would consider to enlist Hiive-engine tokens as options for payments as this would make Hiverr a Hub for all. I know there may the push to create a Hiverr token but this would scare many investors away. Accommodating the array of existing tokens would surge a great collaboration for Hiverr beyond imaginations.

Good luck!

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This sounds very good! It would help Hive grow even more! Thanks for sharing!

Hey! Developer of Hiverr here, were your login issues Hive Keychain specific? Or was Hiverr itself experiencing issues?

Would love to get information/feedback so I can improve the process, there will be many bugs/issues due to being a beta. So feedback is greatly appreciated to improve the service.

If you'd like to privately communicate / give feedback, my Discord account is JSKitty#4637.

Thank you! 😀

Thank you very much for mentioning Hiverr! 🙏❤️