Sales of non-Pharmacy Supplements Threaten Human Health

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Drugs are natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic compounds that, in the simplest definition, cure the disease, reduce the symptoms or protect it from the disease by its mechanism of action.

The products we call food supplements are also drugs in all pharmaceutical forms such as tablets, capsules, ampoules that are intended to be sold for the same purpose.

The drug is used in humans for the purpose of correcting, improving, changing or medical diagnosis of physiological functions by showing pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects presented with therapeutic and preventive properties in humans; It is a substance or combination of substances administered to humans. Due to its efficacy and side effects, all products containing active ingredients in order to protect public health, under the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Health, under the approval and inspection of the Ministry of Health, providing 24/7 primary health care with great devotion and confidence, specializing in these areas with the trainings received, professional ethics It should be sold only in pharmacies under the consultancy of the Pharmacist who considers the client first.


The residents of some e-commerce sites and markets in Turkey are making these demands dumps opportunism by turning virtually trade human health. These products are carefully kept in pharmacies, including all storage conditions such as temperature and humidity, and given to the patient in a controlled manner when necessary; Putting it for consumption and marketing it as "fast food" in the markets has reached a level that threatens human health. Whose business is only "selling"; Which market ?, Which internet sales site ?, Which direct sales channel will mention the side effect? Omega3 also dilutes the blood and should be used carefully with blood thinners; Who will say that vitamin D, one of the most used products in the pandemic, impairs kidney functions at high doses? Also, who will say that immune enhancers should be used very carefully in autoimmune diseases? How many more people will die, how many people will be poisoned? The whole world is dealing with this problem, especially America is the country where these cases are seen the most. While many countries are pursuing new legal regulations (65% of liver toxicity cases are caused by supplements), we must intervene in this situation.


Public health is the priority and indispensable for every pharmacist. As pharmacists graduate from their universities, they take a profession oath that they will devote their life to human service regardless of what happens. As pharmacists, we learn that every product in the pharmaceutical form is a medicine in the 5-year academic education we receive. Another subject of education we received is the mechanism of action, side effects and interactions of drugs. In addition to all these trainings, while trying to perform our profession in an idealistic way, the problems we encounter in daily life and the negative developments we experience deeply affect and upset all of my colleagues like me.


We are very sorry that non-pharmaceutical health products such as vitamins & minerals and herbal supplements that should only be recommended to the consumer, with the consultancy of a doctor and / or pharmacist, are offered to the consumer in many channels other than the pharmacy, especially on the internet, without any control. Social media platforms, especially television, or even bloggers, performers and models that are not related to health in the print media seriously impair public health by making product recommendations and promotions. Unfortunately, we had citizens who lost their lives with the weight loss products containing sibutramine, which were marketed on television and banned in our country a very short time ago.


The process that starts with the announcements of vitamin D will soon lead to more intractable problems. We all know how low health literacy is in our country. As such, the need for a doctor and / or consultation should not be overlooked in the use of these products by consumers. Although nutritional supplements or vitamins seem harmless, they should not be recommended without knowing whether the patient has interacted with the drugs used or the patient's past health history.


Unfortunately, it is not known under what conditions these products, which are closely related to public health, are stored and shipped in market and online retail channels where there is no such control mechanism. Storing the products in a hot place, being exposed to direct sunlight or even the pressure differences that may be experienced during shipment may cause the effects of the products to be reduced or some deterioration. During the pandemic period, many of us have witnessed that products are circulated in transportation vehicles in hot weather all day and kept in warehouses on the ground. Our recommendation is that a system in which non-pharmaceutical health products will undergo a serious check is valid in our country. Such a system must also be approved by the Ministry of Health for these products, which are considered as non-pharmaceutical health products.

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