Here comes my Passive $1 a day

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Here comes my Passive $1 a day

I have not exact idea when did I started with CTP tribe but I guess it is almost an year because I find the tribe on Steem /Hive transition days so I can mark it as an year for me.


For a year , I am continuously building my stake in CTP, interacting with other authors, posting, mining (using CTPM) delegating (to @ctpsb) account. Now with all my effort my current CTP power is >18500 (I got little prize delgation from @clicktrackprofit too).

So today when I calculated , I see my CTP vote value is 3.134 at 85.4% Voting power and by calculation it makes 3.134/.854 3.66 CTP at full upvote.

How much 3.66 CTP?
At Bid value of .36 Hive it makes .36*3.66 = 1.31 Hive per upvote.
Putting 10 up votes a day it will become 13.1 Hive a day.

Taking hive at 20 cents (though Hive is now reaching 25 cents) it will become $2.6 value upvote a day,

With Author/Curator split it will be above $1 for me .(Though CTP do not have linear curation but I hope it be in future.)

I am hoping more growth for CTP in future with their published roadmap.


I have some strong hopes , that with my increased stake, increased value of CTP and Hive, till the end of the year might it can become $4 daily passive income for me.

PS: DYOR is always strongly recommended and it is not a financial advice.
My most of curation in CTP is manual, but automatic curation is not a brainer in this chain. This thing can be achieved in any token like LEO too just you need patience to build a bag.

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Congratulations on your staking.

Decided to check out the project based on your post, and put a small bit in. Nowhere near enough for $1 a day. Just a small delegation to start with, and a buy on the market for 25.

Ahh! very nice. Buying is the fast way to reach the goals but feel free to engage with the community too. You will definitely see you stake growing each day and enjoying the stay.

Starting woth what you have is good. When you're consistent over time, you'll see a huge impression and growth attained.

Very interesting to see your computations on how you earn with curation with your CTP stake. $1 daily is a decent amount and it will turn out better when CTP hits $1 in value.

Yeah $1 has all potential to reach greater heights. I am going to keep building my stake.

That's such a great thing to achieve on the blockchain. Hopefully I can get to earn my first dollar a day on ctp.... Just kidding though, got ust a few at the moment but wish to build more and be consistent with my engagement

Keep staking and keep showing daily, you will eventually build it.

That's quite an interesting income I believe! Thanks a lot for your continous support in the ctpsb project!

Really great to see his analysis. THe CTP team is doing a great job.

Let's keep building, we are going to achieve lot more.