Accumulated 2 million DEC and my future plans.

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So finally I got completed one of my goal that is accumulating DEC , With current Hive price
I purchased lot of DEC and now I am sitting on nice 2 million DEC.


Out of this, 2 millon DEC , I am keeping 1.7 Million DEC as reserve for buying the Tract (Land in Splinterland's game.)
Since currently there is no discount in land now and plenty of Plots are also available so I am making no rush in it and 300K DEC will be a nice reserve to buy some packs if some promotions comes on.


Today I staked 2491.916 Sports.

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For r1s2g3.

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 747.
Dec obtained by quest 40.

SR stands for season rewards.

For saachi

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 538.
Dec obtained by quest 33.

SR stands for season rewards.

how well you are doing in Engagement leagues?

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Wow its excellent...
The splinterlands team always come up with some new update which make the game more intresting.
How much is the cost at current price?

It will some $1200to $1400.. I guess I am done with my DEC collection now. Time to spend DEC on deck and other HE tokens.


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