LeoFinance and other Layer 2 tokens are more than just Hive

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Today one of my friend's @jongolson made a post discussing his 2nd layer token collection that he had amass over the year. Post Link Here

I decided to look at my own wallet on leodex.io and was surprise that at current prices my entire 2nd layer token collection is actually worth more than my total in my Hive wallet.

My 2nd Layer Tokens Wallet

My Hive Wallet

Its more than just Hive

My 2nd layer token collection is almost double that of my Hive wallet so not going to complain about it! What is fascinating is not many outside the crypto world is aware of such additional benefits with regards to asset earnings on Hive.blog.

It got me thinking how people outside of Hive ecosystem are likely unaware that Hive itself has many layer 2 tokens. This hidden value in Hive's blockchain is likely unaccounted for in its current Hive token price. Furthermore so many benefits are there in Hive's layer 2 tokens compared to the better known ones such as ETH and Tron.

I post almost daily on LeoFinance.io and play several games daily such as Rising Stars, Splinterlands, and dCity. All these assets I have accumulated along with what I have earned are layer 2 tokens. I almost feel like this is an inner circle secret/benefit that only Hive users are well aware of. The fact that we earn Hive is only half the gains while we also earn layer 2 tokens that is likely unaccounted for in the crypto world. This leads to many looking from the outside believing Hive is only a social blog, when in fact there is more to than that.

Speaking of Layer 2 tokens there are some surfacing now on popular coinmarketcap.com. If one pays close attention to looking to find them:

LeoFinance's WLEO

Splinterland's inner game Token DEC

There is Hive-Engine.com or LeoDex.io for users to see their entire layer 2 portfolio.

Example here is from Hive-Engine

All these tokens can be transferred without the use of fuel unlike that of popular cryptos such as ETH or Tron. Just on that basis Hive's layer 2 tokens are superior when used as a form currency. In addition the speed at which the tokens are transferred is pretty fast, literally instantaneous.

What is so surprising to me is not many are aware of this hidden wealth in the Hive's ecosystem. My blog post will likely never spread beyond the Hive ecosystem but I will intend to spread the word on multiple social platforms so that others looking from the outside can see inside that Hive.blog is more than just a social platform. Hive blockchain has NFTs, crypto miners for proof of stake, layer 2 blog portals besides Hive.blog, and much much more.

None of what I write is financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for reading!

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