👨‍💻 Earn Free Crypto For Your Web Searches (I Average $0.57 per day)

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With you can earn can easily earn crypto while performing web searches on a decentralized search engine, something I think that would appeal to all of us Hivers.

image.png Is Not Too Good To Be True

     I wish I could remember how I discovered Presearch about a week ago, but it has been a game changer and has earned me roughly 60¢ USD per day since I installed the Search Extension on my Brave web browser.

     The best part of earning this easy 60 cents a day is that I haven't committed any extra efforts or time earn this daily boost, but simply installed the extension and continue my daily "googling" as usual. An added bonus is that Presearch runs on a decentralized blockchain but will still feel very familiar to folks all too accustomed to Google.

How Presearch Works


presearch 5.png

     Sign up with an email address (no phone number required) and verify the email address using the email verification link you've received.



     Log in and execute a search, one step reduced if you choose to set Presearch as your default search engine. Also, with Presearch set as your default search engine, anything you type in the address bar will be searched, a feature familiar to googlers.



     You did it!! You've just earned 0.25 PRE tokens, and your search results are delivered to you in a layout strikingly similar to google. Note that I already earned my daily limit of 8 PRE tokens, so I'm maxed out at 71 total until tomorrow.



     Explore the menu and you will see each 0.25 PRE you've earned from your searches, along with the time and date the search was performed. When you reach 1,000 tokens, you can withdrawal all of your PRE and easily exchange them for other cryptos. Even without having reached 1,000 yet, I am still able to withdrawal 50% of my earnings.

Stake Your PRE

     I won't go into much detail about PRE staking, mostly because this will only be of interest to advertisers. Staking your PRE will not earn you more PRE tokens, but instead staking is used to compete for ad space. For those of with business, especially crypto-related businesses, I highly recommend you watch the above video because it may be of great interest to you.

Earn $0.59 Per Day With Presearch


     We are able to mine 8 PRE per day via web searches, so I wanted to share with you the value of 8 PRE tokens so you can see for yourself instead of believe me. If you max out your daily earnings, you could expect to add $17.50 to your monthly income just from using Presearch for your web searches.


     I think Presearch is an amazing tool all of us Hivers could easily make use of and earn a little extra crypto everyday without changing our habits or routine. I highly recommend it and love that I can still opt for google search results if I desire.

Sign Up For Presearch & Earn

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I have my account for this: 2018-04-14 and I have 793 tokens. I would have a lot more, however, url auto fill service and browsers bookmarks bar makes little use of search engine.

However I did not know this value is very attractive
8PRE $0.61 USD R$ 3.28BRL (brazilian reals)
793RP $ 60.00USD R$ 322.20 BRL

I need a strategy to remember to use the pre search engine

I use Brave browser and was able to set it as my default search engine. When autofills happen, I sometimes delete the .com or .io to search instead for the site. I know it's a bit of cheatin', but I just do it sometimes when I haven't naturally earned my 8 PRE per day. It's a quick and easy 2 cents, and worth the time for me. I've earned almost 100 after nearly two weeks. !ENGAGE 50

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I don't think this is a cheat, now that I remember I think it is possible to disable the automatic browser fill feature, I will see if my browser has this function :)

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There's so much that's going on in the Crypto world that we don't know about, thanks for this info @justinparke!

Your welcome. Indeed I had heard about Presearch before, but hate to admit I assumed it too good to be true and didn't register. No regrets now that I've done it. Along with BAT rewards it's some extra bucks every month that I put little effort into mining. !ENGAGE 10

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Thanks for sharing this info. It looks like a very cool finding.

If the value of PRE holds, it would be an extra $18 USD per month with little efforts. For me it's much more profitable than Brave BAT rewards. !ENGAGE 10

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Wow somehow I missed this, great post! Sorry, too late for a vote but I will promote it by burning 100 LIST using the promotion feature on

Better late than never, perhaps it will bring some new eyes to my profile. Thanks for the support @hivelist. !ENGAGE 15

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I got this about a week ago and have been loving it :) thank you for this post about it

No complaints from me, but they did just reduce the rewards from 0.25 PRE per search to a sliding scale, and I'm now seeing my rewards are 0.10 PRE and 0.15 PRE, but it's still free crypto. !ENGAGE 10

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yeah mt rewards are lower now, however it's still free :D

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вже з місяць токени не виводяться, а сам Presearch на запитання не відповідає