IAAC #14 - Hustle Farm update

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So I started a hustle farm 2 months ago out of sheer curiosity to see how things would go.
Last month I forgot to add the hivecommerce token (COM) so you'll see a gap in my numbers from last month.

Last month these were my numbers.

  • CTP - 60.374
  • WEED - 2.63910052
  • LIST - 168.02585441
  • Hustler Dollar - 10367.44429521
  • HustlerM - 3.566321

This month my numbers are

  • CTP - 65,659
  • WEED - 2.6977655
  • LIST - 336.14995588
  • Hustler Dollar - 10383.11230597
  • HustlerM - 7.581027
  • COM - 24.592015

From my @hivelist delegation, I get;

  • 1.005328 LIST
    staked daily

From my @hivehustlers delegation, I get ;

  • 0.025 COM
  • 0.125633 HUSTLERM
    staked daily

For staking the Hivecommerce token (COM) I currently get about;

  • 0.00028183 WEED
  • 0.00120775 LIST
  • 0.001 CTP
  • 0.040 SIM

For staking Hustler Dollars token I currently get about;

  • 0.026535 COM

For staking Hustler Dollar Miner I currently get about;

  • 0.014102 COM

For staking List token I currently get about;

  • 0.065352 COM

As you can see from these numbers there are multiple sources of getting COM.
I'm looking forward to seeing how this tiny project turns into a self-sustainable goliath.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash


Sorry too late to vote on this, if you reply to the comment I will upvote that! Great job stacking! We have allot going when vacation is done in a couple of weeks!

Hey man!
Totally no issue
Thank you tho

Yay! 🤗
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