And so it begins! NFT’s will now hopefully contribute to my book fundraising, etc


For those of who who’ve read my posts on here - by now you’re probably aware that I’m recovering from my addiction and have taken a serious position when it comes to mental health.

So In addition to the little quarter and nickels and dimes I save until I’ve enough to deposit at the bank and add to a fund of mine (AUM <$100) if we’re being transparent.

Today I can say i’ve learned how to create NFT’s. no not the plane Jane stupid pixel of a rock that I have a floor price of $500k for but my first set I’d actually really appreciate you guys going and checking out yourselves and giving me some feedback.

I only ask this favor because the allocation of sales im not sure if I should keep it the same or move some numbers. Right now the one listed piece I have on there has a quantity of 250, there will be no replicas. Moving forward I think I’ll do 240qty on the next one, 230qty, until we reach 50.

Those last 50 will entitle the buyer to a physical copy of the book. Signed by yours truly, maybe even with a bookmark from The Trevor Project.

Wbu said project, you ask? Well here’s how I have the fund breakdown set up as.

2.5% goes to a mental health charity, 47.5% going towards copyrights, publishing, the shebang we all love so dearly.

The last 50% will go to helping me get back on my feet. I’ll have 11 months sober on November 19th.

So please give my page a look. Comments/critiques ENCOURAGED.

-should I switch the way I’m spending the income?

-The current NFT listed is about $5, I genuinely spend time on these things. Matter of fact it even one of them is sold it’ll hell me purchase editing software so I can make cooler ones.

-as the quantity decreases, the prices will increase, albeit so slightly. I know times are tough. And I care about you guys too…

So here’s my link on OpenSea (I honestly don’t even have enough money to put it anywhere else except OpenSea and TMK If you’re from America, Binance won’t let you publish it there.

So here’s that link.

OpenSea from what I’ve read is actually the biggest NFT market. It would mean the world if you guys bought even one just so like I said I could purchase the software app to continue making these.

At a certain point I’ll be releasing a collection where you can even email me a 1-2 sentence message, I’ll figure out the details but because this is about mental health it can either be a “this is for you” message to someone who passed away. Or someone you’re worried about I can have the book sent to. Hell, give it to them for Christmas.

Suicide rates, homelessnesss, drug abuse, you name it - WEVE GOT WORK TO DO PEOPLE!!!!

Again Here is the link, please don’t “steal” it.

Back to my nonsensical theories on how the NSA and Wells Fargo teamed up to retain the USD as the world reserve currency. Don’t act like you don’t miss my posts 😁😁😁


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