Why Setun a cold war soviet computer might be the next major technological advancement

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A ternary signal is a signal that can assume, at any given instant, one of three states or significant conditions, such as power level, phase position, pulse duration, or frequency. A ternary computer (also called trinary computer) is a computer that uses ternary logic (three possible values) instead of the more popular binary system ("Base 2") in its calculations.
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I have had a bit of a fixation on the subject of ternary computers in the last couple of months. I started to discover, through my research that there are currently several patents pertaining to both the engineering aspect as well as ternary programming. One notable name on the list of active patents is Samsung the classification on the patent registry is G06F7/49.

Now historically speaking the most recent successful attempt at a trinary computer was all the way back in the 80s. Known as the Setun 70 it was the last computer based on the ternary programming system to be developed. Culminating in a short lived 32 version of the Setun 70 before the project was abandoned. Due to political sanctions at the time of development. The production of models from this line is limited all totaling just over 50 units total.
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Essentially the programming boils down to instead of the two valued system of 0,1 (bits). The ternary system functions on a three valued system consisting of 0,1 and -1(trits). This is an improvement on the perfect solution method of binary. This means that the ternary systems have the potential for parallel processing in multiple values. Because of the way ternary lends itself to parallel processing it may be the solution for the efficiency problems that plague modern computers.
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The best example of the issues with efficiency would be in my opinion octa core. It realistically should trump a quad core but in my opinion it's much slower and apt to crash compared with a dual quad core. You can only go so fast in a straight line, and at long last they put in that any key
Logically a form of trinary computer is much more likely to come to fruition, when compared to a quantum computer a ternary system is down right viable. Utilizing the compression gained from a ternary system you could improve performance of existing hardware by making the base coding just a little more efficient. Others in the tech industry must feel the same way because most of the documents pertaining to the Setun 70 or any of its predecessors are either non existent, or are under the filed patent(s) which cant be accessed. Check out the wiki entry but literally you will have to translate Russian if you want more info. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setun
Some cold war forgotten tech relic is the next big leap in computing unless we crack quantum computing any time soon.

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Now historically speaking the most recent successful attempt at a trinary computer was all the way back in the 80s.

Most recent successful attempt that is known to the public outside of classified research conducted by one or more governments.😀

Wow nicely done I didn't bother with the specifics on the production line I figured most never heard of a ternary computer. literally published articles like this on five or more sites your the first with actual feedback and a correction I'm impressed

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No problem. I've been interested about ternary logic (and also reversible computing) since around the year 2000.