T-mobile Open Internet - Convenient But Not Decentralized?

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As time passes by, at every stage of a new livelihood, one point keeps on being proven over and over again, and that's the fact that human wants can never be satisfied.
Technology is rapidly taking over the world, and in its demonic pace, it's going as far as it can, to create self-perfect solutions, workable, convenient and affordable. It all moved from 2G,to 3G,to 4G,and now 5G seems like the present scalable stage.

Working from home is kinda like the all round human desire. But then a lot of restrictions like broadband access still keeps most of those wishes and happy space void.

I logged onto my device and was scrolling through a lot boring old and rebranded country news, coming to a pause when I stumbled on an Open Home Internet related article, so I had to click on it and have a bite before hitting to the usual, you know the daily routines.

But before I dig up a bit about T-mobile as our focus, here's some juicy shit that caught my attention sometime ago.


The Skycoin Skyminer is meticulously designed and configured to provide a rock-solid telecom backbone for the Skywire infrastructure. The custom-built hardware is focused on delivering maximum security, efficiency and performance to the software-defined network. The multi-board architecture enables each node to support an independent service on Skywire. By isolating the nodes, each service can safely operate independently of attacks on peripheral services. These service-providing nodes are managed by an OpenWRT router with strict packet forwarding and access control rules for additional security. Skyminers are paid in Coin Hours for providing services and security to the Skywire network. for more details

First you may wanna know what an OpenWRT is, well OpenWrt is an open-source project for embedded operating systems based on Linux, primarily used on embedded devices to route network traffic. Actually a convenient function, it plays a major role for some of you all having Router issues, where you have to restart it every fuckin time due to some sort of network jam.

Skycoin is over 3 years old, coin mining still on going, I perceive a lot of things are going on, both open and hidden surprise projects. The thing is, anonymity is what the system requires, people are done being spied on, always having trackers and ISP watchers is just a big bummer to human privacy.

That said, T-mobile and it's supposing Open Internet protocol has just filled up my news feed. A lot of rants about Home Internet service, a 60$ per month for Unlimited Internet, no Data cap, and it's dang Vision to reach into the rural areas, it's movement to employ more people and all shit I've been reading...

Obviously we are moving into a more advanced era, technology paving the way for a better living, we definitely see the need for a scalable network. 5G from Home with no limitations and full access to broadband is highly enticing. I don't know how it goes on over in the US, how the network function has been and all that, because judging from a couple of stressful articles read through, a lot of hype has been placed on the Network Provider.

Heading to their Official site to maybe grab a couple of direct knowledge, and uhm, here's just a few picked out lines...





Screenshots authenticity

Not to be a hater or so, one common thing with centralized networks is how similar their "privacy-policy" are. In the first place there should be no need for reading User data, no need for bridging network sources, no need for reading locations and all that. A great number of people wish centralized bodies will just get the hell outta earth so young and old weirdos like "us" can have the freedom and privacy we deserve.

It's not fun watching old companies go undercover to rebrand projects and come out with speeches of changing the world. 60$ a month is even way over the top especially for a single device usage. Though lower plans may be found, but judging from the publicly provided price, it's clear that it won't be far from it.

Until the Internet is completely Decentralized, not even a 50G network protocol can impress most of us here, I mean that's literally why T-mobile stock is still falling regardless of all this hype, because we don't care at all...

I could be wrong tho..

Thanks for reading this far, all comments are most welcomed

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I think if I were given the choice I would spend the $30 more per month and get Skylink. Still probably won't be decentralized, but the 10G speeds the are promising are enough to sell me! Have you heard of Helium?

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Uhm, I do feel like I've stumbled on Helium tho, maybe I just spotted the coin somewhere, I can't really remember tho...

It is pretty interesting. It is more for low bandwidth IoT type stuff, but it is decentralized in the fact that anyone can how and run the equipment. Kind of a cool idea.

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In that case, gotta go do some research on it :)

I was looking into it pretty hard for a while. The concept really intrigues me.

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I remember skycoin from a year ago..looks cool.:)

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Yea, sky might just be promising, fingers crossed 🤞

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