Rhapsody Of Reality?

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It's prolly gonna sound like the same old story, but sometimes people never actually stop to realize that it always is, just different tellers but same old backline. We all looking out on market dominance, the green candles, watching and checking where the hell money is much available, are the alts getting in already?

If we look back 10 years, we could just see a mere ponzi scheme as we deemed it from the starters, investing had to be done only if we had a mind wash pill injection into our blood streams, kinda like the mindset and feeling of "the heck you telling me"? That I should buy a virtual coin as a supposed investment?

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When I Started blogging, crypto blogging to the exact, I was worth 0 based on internet money. It's only crazy how rapid the pace of the revolution with cryptocurrency is, to some its still a temporary finance booster, kinda like those once in a life time out of the woods gamble toxic cards, you bet your cash on it, and hope it's falls through. The mentality that its just something to enjoy while "stock" lasts, runs most of the street and we ain't even in Miami where whatever 'em bitches believe over there. Matter of fact, I can name over a hundred people that are liable to give me a slap if I traded some stuff of theirs for internet money, because the dang mindset that's its a fraud is poisoning the city.

While I was searching for an exit way to run with ma profits, enjoy my life on the hills till I finally become a sucker fooling myself in the game of "who's the fool now"? I watched my investment hit a record that I actually had set to attain before the year runs out, at least I was expecting it towards the close of the year. Surprisingly, crypto is a magical substance, it ain't no narcotics but surely numbs away negative energies, the drug driven healing that comes with seeing a new peak on ya portfolio couldn't possibly be a Rhapsody Of Reality? It's a purple substance and I got two in my mouth.


There will come a time we don't have to worry about bear markets, ain't no speculations then will be as mighty to cause us anxiety, it's only a matter of time. Making money has only been made a bit easier compared to yesterday, but what I don't get is why suddenly everyone is mad about that? Thought we all wanted to get rich?

I watch some rich niqqas, major Fiat maximist fighting with the mic just to tell us all over again "How to remain poor" by neglecting crypto. But they don't get it that we get it, I mean while the government is saying stay away, all we hear is put some more cash, it was useless anyway, if we perish, we perish, am I right?

The world is tired of being majorly poor even with all the blessings on the earth. So since the day hustle can't equal our pay cheque for a proper livelihood, then prolly automated codes and fucked up letters can do the trick. That's the world of finance we moving into, technology has long provided the world with all the necessities and even went as far as adding trash that still surprising lives on, but this time, it decided to visit the poor population (everyone) and gave 'em total control over wealth, a way of growing a stable finance from scratch, from here its all stand and welcome the world of codes beyond possibilities.

It's our keys to riches

Thanks for reading this far, it's a weird one, but I finna tell you all that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, you all surely will remember this at the gates of heaven. All comments are most welcomed

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