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There's just so much going on in this ecosystem and even with cryptocurrency at large. I must say that for a few weeks I've missed out so many things but am still trying to keep up with it all. Here on Hive I find everybody excited about price plunging, am OK with it, I mean who doesn't love seeing those candles all green? No coiners I guess. But since we ain't one of them, price uptrend is just a healing pill to us all. That said, I believe it's much crazier to be distracted by price actions instead of laying focus on token growth… I mean at some point it's funny that we miss out on golden opportunities even while it's right in front of us. This is the case we are facing here on Hive. Unlike Steemit, Hive Long term yields are crazy, did you really take note of your returns? This is where most people let large stakes deceive them, while the truth is that every tiny pooled token plays a big part during the double up periods and one can only notice these tiny secrets that the staking whales have been hiding from us, lol. Yes the whales have been hiding the real potential here, because maybe they want all your tokens to themselves, you gotta understand that dumps don't create themselves, people trigger them to steal tokens from follow suit panic sellers, and this is where selling of cryptocurrency should only occur when there's need for it or else anxiety and regrets becomes a big time friend!

Hive - The Unnoticed and Underrated Monetary System - Baseline of APRs :

I wouldn't be mistaken if I say I've come across a couple of articles relating to this, but I feel the word has just not been quite sounded out.

Hell of cash moves into this ecosystem and honestly if you've stumbled on the @null account details in terms of money shot into the air, you'd definitely wanna learn how to bridge a Hive account, sadly the @null account could never be compromised, at least I believe so…

Here's a few Hive based projects to look out for!

No, I won't be directing points to Hive tokens! But rather Hive Engine tokens, because with them inclusive they make the block space a success and will likely attract a great number of investors in due time…

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I don't know how many people are pissed by seeing it come first, but you all gotta understand something, honesty is the best policy, and here I will definitely tell you that based on tokens returns, Leo has the lowest Apr amongst my list of Hive Engine tokens to be outlined here. But based on the fact that we are heading to the sky, you could imagine a token worth above 10$ with its tiny returns, that would still be a compounding rate. Currently judging from a button evaluation of votes from the biggest stake holder on If he is to upvote 10 posts a day, where it's power movement allows just that amount for easy recharge in 12 to 24hrs. We are looking at a 100% upvote to 10 articles, from the base volume of 44 leo tokens… So it means he gets a return of 22 leo tokens each × 10 post a day and that's about 220 leo tokens… It prolly is more as though I'm only taking this data from the lowest power reduced to 10 posts reached… And if that is multiplied by 365( a year) you'd get about 80k Leo tokens, juicy right? From Leo being an over potential 1$ Hive Engine token, we are watching the guy grap $80k back home for Christmas, that's enough to buy two lambos, I can't be mistaken!

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Are you really surprised? There's absolutely no way I couldn't make this mention after finding out something dynamic about this tribe and it's token… Sports Tokens are really cheap but peeps are still making banks off it currently… And then I witness weird sales dumping it for Hive tokens not even counting up to 1, and I ponder what a person wants to use 0.002 Hive for? Buy biscuits? The biggest stakeholder here is @uyobong.sports if I am not mistaken. I don't really know why he's bullish about the project even after a near collapse I perceive occurred some time back. I guess he prolly figured out the hidden potential of the tribe… I think I've stumbled on his articles speaking of his 200million sports stake goal, whereas as sport token becomes less shitty everyday, he has some fear not reaching the goal this year. Yeah, he is not wrong about how difficult it will become, but if we are looking at an 8 year curve on the long run, he'd attain that stake just from his curation APRs… His full upvote hits about 21k sports and his bottom reduced value is around 16k if I am not mistaken. So from here, 16k × 10 posts a day equals 160,000 sports tokens a day which 80k returns to him. And just that volume × 365 gives him 58,400,000 sports tokens distributed where he takes back about 29million sports tokens. Lol, that only proves he hits a 50 percent Apr on initial investments every year and a hundred in two years…



There's something about this token and project that makes it a gem in my eyes… For a pure proof or brain function, it's highly scary to view the returns… Though it denies having any mining shit, the curation returns are bastard as I noticed from a few articles, and sure looks like a mining shit because it's initially huge. Currently it's Apr is well above 900% and it will only be reduced in a 5 year curve by 50% if I read the project description right. Yes it may seem like an empty hype, but on Hive when I see a striving community I lay in all trust because I'm seeing the hard work and the outcome… Try purchasing 2,000 POB and watch yourself earn well above 12k POB in a year from curation returns. Maybe I might…

That said, it is rather disheartening to not notice the fair and transparent flow of money in the ecosystem. There's absolutely no liquidity farms out there with these numbers pegged up there, and just looking at how much tokens will be accumulated back annually, I am fully proud to call HIVE the greatest medium where investors can jump into Defi and make back home a nice bank… Even though I wasn't able to outline some more projects here, I definitely know we've got 'em much and so long as it's on Hive and runned by the perfect squad, then it's bound to be great…

The question now is, are you still asleep?

All comments are most welcomed and appreciated, thanks for reading this far

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Very interesting. This almost makes me feel bad that I have been moving some of my Hive over into Leo. I feel like maybe I should be keeping it all in one place and just powering it up. I have a pretty decent stake over on STS too, so I would love to see that community get back to the potential that it has. Otherwise I am just sitting on a whole lot of worthless tokens. I still post over there a couple of times a week and I do my best to curate as well so I can ensure the wealth is being spread around. I remember back when my vote was worth 10k+. It was crazy!

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Yea, would really love to see everything around Hive bloom to greatness

For sure!

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