WILL BETA Read Your Post/Story for 1 HIVE or a Reward Cut

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Have you ever wondered how to make your posts better? I'm here to help! Will help you by reading the article and giving you feedback!

This service isn't limited to posts published on HIVE Blockchain, though it's the primary focus!

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Short Introduction About Me:

I'm Ahmad Al-hemmally, known on the internet as @ahmadmanga. I am writing online for the past 4 years. (More if you included my longer Facebook posts.)

Since I started, I learned how to write better with each article. You could see my improvement if you looked them up.

While I'm not an expert (yet,) I could help you with my current level of writing and all the experience I gained over the past four years.

How does it work?

I'll either Beta-Read your unpublished article, proof-read it & give you advice on how to make it better. Or I'll give feedback on an already published article with more emphasis on advice than proof-reading.

  • Meet on Discord or Twitter username is ahmadmanga on both: Please specify that you want my HIVE services. I don't reply to vague messages.
  • Send me the article as file a text file or Google Doc.
  • If the article is already published, give me a link.
  • I'll check the article and give you the ok. Then we'll discuss pricing.
  • You pay and I send you the feedback.
  • You don't have to give credit in the post for this service.

What You'll Get?

  • I'll read your article.
  • Proof-read the article: Manually + Using Grammarly.
  • I'll give you my feedback.
  • I'll help you with simple formatting.
  • You might get a comment/upvote if you posted it on HIVE.

Why feedback is important?

  • Article will look more professional.
  • Easier for readers to read, means it's easier for them to share.
  • For HIVE: It'll help curators to choose your articles over articles with better ideas but weaker execution.
  • Learning from Feedback will make you a better writer!

Pricing Options:

Prices are in HIVE, which at the time of this writing is less than $0.14 USD:

  • 1 HIVE per 100 Words or
  • 2 HIVE and %15 Beneficiary for @ahmadmanga for HIVE article.

The second option is for unpublished posts only as it can not be changed after posting. Depending on how much you expect the payout to be, one option might be cheaper than the other.

Keep in mind:

  • Simple formatting includes simple markdown and HTML tags. I'll use the format used in my article unless you tell me otherwise.
  • Finding images for the article is not included. You'll have to pay more if you want me to add suitable Copyright-free images!
  • Short Stories will get creative feedback! I write stories, so I could give you some of the advices given to me.
  • The more technical the article itself the less useful my feedback will be, as I am more suited to general stuff.
  • This service is more intended to help you improve than help you save time.
Let's Improve The Quality of the Blockchain!

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I love this idea because it might be some people find valuable service.

Good luck with it :)

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Hopefully they do!

Yeah me too I am also want to sell my services

I like that you are charging just for Hive. Personally, once you get going, I would start charging more attention now you get established and have some work under your belt. Promoted with 100 LIST and rebooted on the Hivelist account!

It's nice service he is providing I also so think of providing service like that

For something like this pricing on HIVE makes sense, because if they're going to post it here, their reward is also affected by the price of HIVE.

If the price changes too much, I'll change my pricing accordingly, but %10-20 changes doesn't matter a lot in this case.

cool idea!

Nice I'll think of you if I need service like that in future

Thanks, will be waiting~

Don't worry you don't have to wait long time

That's very nice, I'm going to take this opportunity if it's fine. 😍

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Yup! I'll be glad to~

Do you use the Grammarly premium subscription (a whopping $140 per year without promotional discounts)? Or do you just stick with the free one?

The free one for now...

My service isn't intended for professional-level writers and my prices reflect that.

If I would offer a service like that (on Hive), I would just focus on grammaticality, spelling, and punctuations. I normally won't mind meaningless sentences like "colorless green ideas sleep furiously".

By the way, you just gave me an idea to sell services like that. :)

Glad I helped. While I can help (a lot) with Grammer, I'm not better than Grammarly Free myself, so I'm more helping in formatting, and advices to make the articles easier to read.

If I had premium Grammarly I would definitely sell the service.

I kept on receiving a 50% discount on Grammarly Premium, but it is still too expensive, especially since it must be yearly ($70 per year after the discount is applied).