A dream come true that could pull me out of the gutter, slipping away.

I didn't think I'd actually see the day, I figured that greed would keep the gaming industry from showing their players any appreciation. But I managed to stumble across it, Splinterlands that is, and while I'm not sure if it was the first of its like, it's the first that I know of and it looks like it'll become mainstream in the fairly near future. I came across it a ways into it's journey, creating my account in December of 2020. While I missed a bit of the early days I haven't missed out completely. And the timing of me starting on my path of Play2earn gaming couldn't have been much better. I'd lost my job due to my hard working nature and job focused mind set that some people don't agree with, and despite my attempts to communicate with my coworkers to eliminate any qualms they had with me it still wound up being the end of my time with that company.

I have some health issues that makes it extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to maintain a normal job for very long. And with my back in the condition it is I can't continue doing the heavy, physical, manual labor that encompasses my work history. Anyways, down on my luck I discover what I never thought I'd see. For a good while I thought it was too good to be true, so I didn't invest much time or money into it. But as time goes on and word spreads farther my doubts shrink away, and hindsight causes me to regret being so sceptical for so long. As late to the show as I was I could still see so much ahead, it wasn't too late. Once the remaining card packs disappeared almost entirely, and the reward cards in reserve dwindled, a glimmer of hope shined in the upcoming card set. With what seems to be true Splinterlands fashion, things have gone astronomical, causing my hopes to fade.

So here I am, doing something I hate doing, asking for help. Due to my disdain for liars, thieves, and anyone who just wants to use me I have a very small circle of friends and family. Most of the latter passed on from this existence before I hit adolescence. The couple people who remain in my circle have helped me more than I like, so I can't pose this request to them. My apologies for my long winded nature, if you're still reading I thank you for your time. I had the goal of 1000 presale Chaos Legion packs, which I believed would be more than sufficient to give me the assets to get away from living out of my car (a smaller two door car that is), and afford a living space that would better accommodate someone of my stature (being 6ft 2in tall isn't always nice). With how things have exploded that goal seems unreachable, but if it were possible to acquire 50 packs I believe it would be a great boon toward bettering my situation. At the time of writing this I've managed just shy of eight vouchers, so there's 42 left for my secondary goal. As for payment method, I've come up with around 200 SPS for the cause.


So there it is, me humbling myself to ask for the kindness and generosity of strangers. I appreciate things that others do to help me, and will gladly repay them in any way I am able. If you see fit to bestow any blessings on me it would be awesome. And as outlined above, I'm needing 42 vouchers, around 200 SPS, or anything else that you would be willing to help a guy out with. Thank you if you're reading this, and in advance for any assistance you may be willing to provide.
Joshua Robin aka SublimeJester/sublimjester



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