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RE: Upcoming Deflationary Changes to LIST Rewards and Important Tag Changes Also Addressing SPAM

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It's good that you are moving towards the linear reward curve and I find that it is something I want all HIVE tribes to consider. As for the spam, I think its something most communities should address. I tend to use mostly general tags and only use the specific tags when applicable. But for those who ignore the warnings, they are violating it willingly so downvotes might be required.

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yeah, I get it, that's why I am keeping the general tag, but the purpose of Hivelist is to be a classifieds, ecommerce, and marketing platform. The specific tags have their purposes, it's also an indexing thing. Helps people that are looking for certain things. We are also wanting to move more of the 'general' discussions over to the @hivehustlers platform, so that hivelist stays kind of pure for its intent.

So the HUSTLER tag is general purpose right? I was debating about using it sometimes for games like Rising Star since its like a side hustle of earning some crypto by clicking now and then.

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Yeah anything related to a side hustle of any kind is what that is for.