Tie Dye Diamond Hands HODL Hats - Now Available in the Shop - 4 Different Color Options

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Tie Dye Diamond Hands HODL Hats

Now Available in the Shop - 4 Different Color Options

Bring fun and color to your wardrobe with this 100% cotton tie dye hat. It's stylish, super trendy, and will add extra pizzazz to any outfit.

• 100% cotton
• Unstructured, 6-panel, low profile
• Pre-curved visor
• Tri-glide buckle closure
• One size fits most
• Head circumference: 20½″–24½″ (52 cm–62 cm)


Tie Dye Diamond Hands HODL Hats SOLD HERE:


Reach out directly to purchase with BTC, HIVE + More!
Custom Requests Available


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I'm curious why this was flagged to zero rewards 🤔

Cause flags are fun!

I’ve been under attack by authoritarians on the chain. I’ve been an active member since 2016, and I always voted my own posts, but recently I told @nicollefiallo that HIVE is a decentralized platform, with no central authority, police or controllers so she should not feel obligated to answer to demands from any person or group telling her to do something (in this case, it was to verify her identity by changing her Instagram bio). This caught the attention of HiveWatchers, who decided to target me for my self votes and secondary accounts, which I’ve been utilizing for many years with no problem. Here on hive a small plutocratic group of tyrants go around attempting to be the gatekeepers of HIVE, harassing those that do not comply and preventing the network from becoming the Web3.0 app it has the potential to be. Most of my posts have been voted to 0 lately, but luckily I invested heavily into Proof or Brain, which has become a nice little corner of the chain where they have no effect on me. Hope that clears it up ✌🏼 I appreciate your curiosity. As you can see by the other votes received on my posts, there are many people here that appreciate me and my content. But in a plutocracy like HIVE, all it takes is one person with a large stake to keep you from earning post rewards. I will continue to power up, post more than ever before and upvote myself until their downvotes stop coming. :) cheers 🥂


Self voted to waste HV resources.

Will consider burning PoB rewards