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Product Specifications

Fabric Used : Poly Cotton (75% Organic Cotton)
Print Area : Print on Front Chest
Print Size : A3 Print Size
Sleeves Type: Half Sleeves
Fit Type : Regular Fit for Comfort


Regular Price : -$15/- Plus Shipping Charges-
Offer Price : $6/- Plus Shipping Charges

We Proudly Accept HIVE/STEEM/LEO/LIST as Payment

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Hive list is a great friend, and in fact a leader in our community as well, but this post is not olllllllllll for the Weedcash tag.

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OMG!! I was not aware how its happened!!
I might be because I used the same template which I used earlier
I am really sorry for mistake, I won't happen again. I am sorry
Please forgive me and remove your downvotes, Please

This is my first encounter someone selling on hive.
There are a lot of use cases and this is one of the,
Very welcoming step.
Best of luck with this.