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RE: Upcoming Deflationary Changes to LIST Rewards and Important Tag Changes Also Addressing SPAM

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It would be nice to have a HiveListPromo tag that we are allowed to use when promoting but not listing. I saw recently that your Vendor services are up so I hope to get my store setup soon. I made a post yesterday and used the tag but only to try and spread awareness of the token. I also think it is important to cut down on spam @hivelist so I hope I don't get downvoted for using it. #hivelistpromo could be a new tag ?


You can use the Hivelist tag for these purposes. That is fine. It's the blatant misuse of the tag that we are about to really start combatting. That reason alone, promotion, is the reason we are not deprecating the Hivelist tag entirely.

Thank you that's good to know. I appreciate the update