When everything goes wrong.

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We always have ups and downs in life, but… what attitude should we have when everything goes wrong?


Remember that pain is temporary!

How many have walked in the dark in the house barefoot to go to the bathroom or have a glass of water and have hit their little toe on the furniture that is crossed on the road ... Aushh just thinking about it already caused me pain !!!
We want to scream, say an entire alphabet in that painful moment ... But the pain passes and the next day you laugh at your clumsy night story.
Well, the same is the pain we feel when we lose something, when we make a mistake, we go through a failure, it is temporary ... Everything happens at first it hurts a lot but it will heal, everything in this life has a solution except death, then repeat "the pain is temporary and everything will pass, sooner or later it will pass "

Take a break!!!

This is serious!!! Many people spend their lives seeking to earn more and more, to grow, either out of necessity or competition, but if you don't stop and take a break and you could make the situation worse. Did you know that stress causes many failures? Bad decisions? Of impulses and diseases…. Yes diseases, even heart disease, then it is time for you to know that rest is extremely important for your body to rest, your mind to rest from so many ideas, problems, work and others.


God took 6 days to create him but the seventh day the Bible says that he rested. So if the one who is an omnipotent supreme being decided to rest, how much more are you a human being and you have a body that wears out as well as a mind that needs to release stress.
Rest, relax, take time for yourself, in bad times try to rest so that with a fresh mind you can achieve correct solutions.

Reflect on your goals !!!

I think we have all played with Legos or at least most or with a puzzle of at least 1000 pieces, the objective of these hobbies is to put something together, build something, but sometimes it costs, each piece has its order, everything must fit to perfection and for that it is necessary to reflect on that objective that is in the box of legos or puzzles in order to achieve that structure you are looking for.


This happens the same with those objectives that you have in life, if something went wrong and it is not what you expected, then take some time and reflect on which piece you did not join correctly and you will see that clarity will come and begin to take the course that you expected.
When everything goes wrong.

Focus on solutions !!!

We must control our emotions and frustrations to be able to focus all our forces on the correct solution when we see that everything is going wrong,


not everything is perfect and to reach the goal you must focus, there should be no distraction. Always look ahead even if the matter does not go as we wanted, know that the vision is in front of you and it is only a matter of not being distracted.

Accept the facts !!!

On the way to success, adverse situations will occur that will make you think that nothing was worth it, but ...


Right at that moment is the moment to accept reality, we cannot live in a fantasy world, in a world where reality is more marked than we believe. So accepting the situation is learning to manage your emotions, maturely accept the facts and you will see how quickly you get a solution.

Change your attitude and be positive.

In recent days I have been presenting health problems and in an instant I felt so tired and heard all negative from the doctors, they all had drastic and negative diagnoses to the point I locked myself in a similar attitude, I cried for nothing, I felt angry and At times I couldn't even stand myself, this brought me more physical and mental exhaustion, I began to feel sicker than I could be, both in the workplace and in the family it was affecting me. Until I woke up and said to myself, if you don't change your attitude, I'll always be mentally ill.


He started to fix me again, to put on my makeup, to comb my hair and although sometimes without strength but with a positive attitude, I stopped locking myself in diagnoses without exams or tests and I believed in myself and in the one who created me. So I got up and changed my attitude and it turns out that none of these diagnoses were true, it has been something extremely minor with solutions within my reach and although I still require medications and some consultations, I am living in a fully positive attitude and I feel very good.

Even if things do not go as you expect, your attitude can change everything you have around you, not always everything can go well, not always everyone can be well with you, there will always be differences and obstacles, but it all depends 100% only yours.

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