Investors or The Needy - what's proofofbrain's target Audience?

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So, maybe I am still very new to this space, but I've come to realize that everyone can pretty much speak their minds on whatever topic they see fit. So, realizing that is one thing, I guess today ama actually see how stretched this freedom of speech really is.

That Said, which should probably be ignored. I've been thinking quite a lot on the topic/question I am presenting today. Though I am doing nothing but posting and commenting, I haven't invested a dime but I sure hope that counts to adding value to the community. I was triggered to hear from everyone here, because when it comes to a newly founded community, there's always this key focus on marketing and shit, apparently everybody tend to share a lot of ideas on it, some like they really know what they are doing, but I get the whole idea behind trying to contribute where one can, but marketing actually goes far behold just talking about a certain product in an environment outside its circle.

They are key points to place in consideration when it comes to marketing a product. One is to understand the product one is to market, and that's by knowing its function and what good or potential it has or is to offer. The second point is to determine the audience best fit for this product.


Let's take "soaps" for instance. In a community or nation tortured by a bad economy, inflation is causing prices of goods to take crazy spikes up. At this time, you could agree that goods with great benefits but at low prices will sell the most. It won't really matter what other products do better, what will matter is the long term value of the cheap workable goods. It goes a long way in aiding low spending while delivering good effects. It absolutely takes little or zero percentage stress to get this typa goods to sell in the markets, it just markets itself, so that's how the slogan "A good product markets itself" was born.

That Said, notwithstanding the fact that such goods will aid less spending in a crumbling and inflated economy, it could still not get a single buy order or attention if marketed in the wrong field.

What do I mean?

Do the rich really care about prices? No!

They just go with what everyone wants, and right there they tend to buy the costly products with an all bright worth of which even those buying the potential but cheap products know of. So such goods will only get sidelined if marketed wrongly.

An example of this is the forever fight over:

Bitcoin and Altcoins, which are worth investing in now!

You'd realize that no rich dude will care about a cheaper project with a fancy road map or whatever sentiment has been put in its white paper. But the not so rich, most tend to marry Altcoins because they are cheaper, more affordable, and actually have long term potential. So it becomes increasingly impossible to convince the rich to buy your "shitcoin" per se.

Investors or The Needy - what's proofofbrain's target Audience?

I am guessing this community already has more than 1,000 addresses holding POB, and am sure just about 90% of pobs in circulation are staked, so quite a lot of curators.

We have quite a number of whales here that with their stakes, could quite reach a number of impactful contents. That said, the real question remains : what circle of humans does POB wish to uplift? Is it focused on gaining more investors, or call it rich guys, making them more rich as they'd create that value by themselves? Or does it have another ambition to actually reach out to the Needy?

If getting more investors is what POB needs then it's actually clear where marketing should be kicked off, every rich guy would want those high yields I suppose. But if there's more than just making riches on riches, maybe a little on impacting lower lives, then the marketing is actually gonna be easier considering the fact that those in need do whatever it takes to meet their needs. I mean look around, you won't see lots of stakeholders making a lot of content, it's the ones that know the only way to create value outta their knowledge is to contribute in any means necessary.

"Your comments are most welcomed"

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I like to think I am creating content for future users to read.

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One of the unique features of this space, you get to reflect back on this contents even after a long time, so sure, they are definitely many people that will come to see all this past stories of the beginning.

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