Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge - #2/4/21

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(Google translate from Czech)

Many of you are so familiar with nature that they can find and use medicinal herbs for ailments of the body. But man, as a part of nature, is not just a material body.

Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community.

We are also energetic beings. For our happy and full life, we also need an energetic connection with the universe and nature. Nowadays, there are many things that block the supply of energy. It is therefore important from time to time to "cleanse" the energy connection. Our ancestors knew this art.

There was a man in every community, and in many places still there, who knew exactly what natural ingredients to use to purify the energy connection with the Universe.

I apologize for the lengthy introduction. But it was needed. To meet this challenge, you need to be


Your task will be:

  • find plants and other natural material for the preparation of fumigants
  • describe the ingredients used
  • take a documentary photo
  • Describe how your smoker affected you


As always, a little inspiration for you.
For many years, I have been preparing a fumigant from these ingredients almost regularly:

  • oak sawdust
  • pine resin
  • Rosemary (dried)
  • lavender (dried)
  • charcoal

I grind sawdust, rosemary, lavender and charcoal in a mortar to a fine dust and add the resin. From this mixture knead small balls. I store the balls in a paper box and store them in a dark and dry place.

If necessary, I will place a pre-prepared ball in a metal incense burner on hot charcoal. The burning of the ball creates smoke, which cleanses the energy connections.
Once every six months, I "clean" the whole house and, of course, myself and my family. After using the smoker, there is an almost immediate feeling of relaxation from stress, a clearer perception of sounds and colors.


I wish you many interesting experiences in creating and using your own smoker.


If you are considering participating in this challenge, please read the following lines carefully.

Competition rules:

  • Publish your contribution IN AN AMAZING NATURAL COMMUNITY. You can also use TAG #amazingnature if you want
  • CLEARLY state that your entry is an ENTRY in this competition.
  • All images must be your own. You can use an amazing nature banner if you like or you can create your own.
  • In the TEXT Indicate why these pictures represent YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this competition – 200 WORDS MINIMUM
  • Place a link to your post IN COMMENTARY. You can add an image if you want. It is NECESSARY because I have to publish a link in Discord on Sunday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compilation purposes.
  • The entry window is open ~ 5 DAYS. Pay attention to - CLOSED in the title. Pay attention to the time bar (PeakD)


  • Only competition entries that correspond to the assigned topic will be included in this competition
  • It is NOT possible to submit the main competition announced by the leader of the @adalger community and this thematic competition with one contribution. If this happens, such a contribution will not be included in the thematic competition.

Prizes to win:
1st: 3 HIVE
2nd: 2 HIVE
3rd: 1 HIVE
I will introduce all participants in the entry section of the announcements, which will be published about a week later on Tuesday (according to my schedule, this may change). This way you will have a nice compilation of all.

How are winners selected?
The entire DNA community will vote for the winners. That's why we created a special competition channel #challenge-entries in DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will publish a post with the announcement including the winners (Announcement) EVERY MONDAY together with all your contributions (Contributions) EVERY SUNDAY. Each DNA member will be able to assign a "voting emoji" under the items for 24 HOURS. In the end, the lucky winners are three of them. In case of a draw, I will join as a judge.

Note: The above channels on the DNA discord are for voting only! Do not post links to your competition articles and photos here!

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Such brilliant timing the universe and you have! Thank you for prompting me to cleanse our house again. Here's my entry

Incense Burning.png

My house feels so much lighter now, thank you.

Thank you for your link.
I like that you make a smoker according to intuition.
Welcome to the competition :-)


Thank you. I just do what feels right at the time, most of the time it works if I'm in the right head-heart space.


Thank you for your link.
Energy cleaning should belong to the basic rules of personal hygiene :-)
Welcome to the competition :-)