Splinterland's Weekly Challenge: Stonesolitter Orc

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Splinterland's Weekly Challenge: Stonesolitter Orc

I can this is used to be my favorite card earlier before Splinterland's introduce Nectar Queen as rewards cards. Though you can use Stone Splitter Orc in Front and expect it to kill enemy first monster by using it's retaliate and rage(at higher level) but I liked its retaliate so I like to put and end (or in tail) and expect it to punish the sneak monsters.

Stonesplitter Orc.png

My rulestet is common(+rare), stun and with high mana of 42. Nothing very special in this ruleset that help Stone splitter Orc but nothing make it disadvantageous to use it too.


Using Summoner Lyanna Natura is also giving +1 health to my team.

My Team in order: Lyanna Natura(Summoner), Flesh Golem, Sand Worm; Screeching Vulture, Wood Nymph, Mushroom Seer, and Stone Splitter Orc.

Opponent tem in order: Talia Firestrom (Summoner), Gelatinous Cube, Peaceful giant, Sandworm, Prismatic Energy, Fire beetle and Ettin Spearman.

Let move to the battle


Team with all the summoner and monster abilities in effect.


Stone Splitter Orc has done it's job , just look at the opponent Sandworm health. My Sandworm has really did the heavy hit to the opponent tail. Screeching vulture has taken the armor off from fire beetle.


Eliminated the opponent Sandworm and Ettin Spearman without any loss to me.


This Battle is almost done as there is no way that opponent can take my Flesh Golem and I am left with so mu much attacking power.

Battle id:

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