Splinterland's Weekly Challenge : Grim Reaper

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Grim reaper looks very strong card with 3 attack on very first level though it's high mana cost (6) with 3 health only is a trade of a kind with it's attack value.

Grim Reaper.png

I have level 3 Grim reaper that has 4 attack and 4 health.


Unfortunately , I do not have Death summoner of a higher level so when I get Dragon + Death Summoner in a ruleset, I decided to use Daria and Grim reaper in the team.

My Team in order: Daria Draogonscale (Summonner), Shadow hunter, Furious Chicken, Fallen Specter, Twisted Jester and Grim Reaper.

Opponent Team in order: Delwyn Draogonscale (Summonner), Cursed Slimeball,Shadow hunter, Death Elemental, Serpentine Mystic, Furious chicken and Fire Spitter.

Let's move to battle


Team with all the summoner and monster abilities in effect.


In a single round , 3monter from opponent team and 2 from my team are down. Battle really look interesting now.


Each team lost one more monster and it is now really a thriller, A single miss can cost the game.


And I did not missed my hit, all set for my win.

Battle id

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