Introducing @sndbox-gigs [A Forum & Archive for Creative Gigs]

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About @sndbox-gigs

This account is an announcement forum and archive for gigs issued by @sndbox. These gigs will range from artwork commissions for The Creative Crypto Magazine (@creativecrypto), to writing contributions by other Steemians, code and development of new projects.

Each post will distribute 100% of the pending payout to select beneficiaries. For an artwork commission (example) 85% of the reward will be sent to the illustrator @zsolt.vidak and 15% of the reward will be sent to @creativecrypto for moderating that gig. This account will act as a conduit to distribute rewards and serve as a ledger.

Example original artwork by Steem users for @creativecrypto.

Gig Requirements

In order to be curated, each gig post will be required to have the following details:

  • Thumbnail - final image of the commissioned artwork
  • Specifications - details of the call for that particular artwork
  • Link to Article - excerpt from the article or project that gig relates to
  • Beneficiary Breakdown - percentages associated with gig contributors

Learn more about projects like The Creative Crypto by clicking here.

Explore more about our Sndbox, here.

Stay tuned for open calls and announcements via @sndbox


This is a great idea @sndbox. The artwork featured on @sndbox and @creativecrypto is always so beautiful. It makes sense to celebrate it as much as possible.

Thank you @critday! We didn't talk about this in the post - but we've been creating accounts for new magazine contributors and hope that this becomes a strong entry point for Steem newbies. It's a simple bar of entry and easy for artists to see - "oh cool, 85% of the cryptocurrency earned on this illustration post goes into my personal account. I get it!" Then, ideally as more good apps emerge - this place can become more attractive for artists to participate in.

Beneficiary rewards are such an amazing tool for the gig economy we live in. Thanks again for your support :)

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