Avoiding Conflicts at an Advertising and Marketing Agency



An advertising and marketing agency, just like any other company or organization, has different teams working on multiple projects based on their particular expertise. When different individuals come together to work on a common goal, a team is formed. And for a team to survive, there must be harmony and mutual respect among the team members. And this is the key to avoiding conflicts at a creative advertising agency.

When people from different programs work together, it is no surprise that problems can arise amongst them during their day-to-day interactions. It is completely normal to happen but the important thing is to not let these little issues become the cause for a major dispute amongst the team members.

We can list a thousand ways of how to avoid conflicts at the workplace but all of those would be useless if the whole team is not on board with the idea of a united front. Politics is the weed that ruins the whole team and leaves everyone with nothing but regrets because when a team is dysfunctional, everyone’s time gets wasted and the work suffers which eventually leads to more chaos at work. And let’s face it, no one wants to let things go that out of hand. A peaceful co-existence is very important to survive those 8 hours of work.

There are some ways that have proven to be effective for team building and that result in lesser conflicts at the workplace. The points are:

  1. Zero tolerance for biasness
  2. Timely and fair appraisals
  3. Even distribution of tasks
  4. Good communication
  5. Trust amongst team members
  6. An open forum
  7. Inclusive environment
  8. Good management

We will talk about these points one by one and see how they play their role in building a team that is free of conflict.

Zero tolerance for biasness

Most of the issues, and especially the main reason for office politics is biasness. When one team member or leader is biased towards another, it creates an atmosphere of fear and insecurity for the entire team. And this leads to internal conflicts which cause lag in work.

Timely and fair appraisals

Timely and fair appraisals are valued at ad agencies in Lahore because most of the agencies do not take this seriously and keep on losing important resources. It is important to keep the employees motivated and timely appraisals are a good way to do so.

Even distribution of tasks

Another important point to remember is the even distribution of tasks among the employees. It is very important to make sure that everyone has enough time to perform their tasks and no one is overburdened.

Good communication

Good communication is the key to success for any team. When people are comfortable with each other, they work better together and there are fewer chances of a conflict.

Trust among team members

Communication leads to trust and trust is another very important quality for a team to have. It ensures mutual respect which is crucial for any team’s survival.

An open forum

When the communication channels are open and without bias, things run smoothly for everyone. Every employee and team member should feel like they can talk about anything with their superiors. When people are open about their problems, it allows the managers to avoid instances of trouble amongst the team members.

Inclusive environment

This goes without saying that organizations have to provide an inclusive environment for everyone. All of these points are majorly based on mutual respect and harmony.

Good management

Good management is the backbone of any operation. These are the people who need to be apt in their job in order for the whole team to function properly. If the managers are not capable, they might not be able to control their team and avoid issues amongst them and things eventually get out of hand.


It is very important to take the feelings of the team into consideration, especially in an advertising and marketing agency, in order for them to perform better and achieve their goals. When the team is properly gelled in, everyday working becomes easier for everyone.