For Better Or For Worse - A ZapFic 250-Word MicroFiction Story | Based on 15 May 2024, @mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2373 | Prompt: activate the bomb (activar la bomba)



MicroFiction: A 250 word story written using the word prompt "activate the bomb".

...Certainly, marriage vows are stretched and tested to the limit sometimes. However, it's a couple's commitment to those vows that signifies a solid relationship. One never knows what is ahead of her in the future. She can only pray that situations arise that can be overcome with as minimum amount of stress as possible.

For my theme, I was inspired by and utilized the @daily.prompt's publishing of 15 May 2024, @mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2373: activate the bomb.

Below is my story:


"Bend over," Zach ordered, placing his hand on the small of her back.

Anise complied.

She watched as he positioned himself behind her.

Gloves snapped.

She trembled.
Unnerving quiet.
Heightened anticipation.

Immediately, his accurate thrust met its target.

Instant relief.

Anise finished her lengthy bathroom session and walked gingerly into the bedroom, easing down on the bed. A stressful morning to say the least. No way could she venture out for a day trip.

Zack joined her. It pained him to witness his wife's misery. He'd broached the subject before, but decided to give it another try to convince her of the unnecessary trauma.

"Why suffer? You'll do more damage straining. Why use suppositories? I saw a commercial promising that COLACE pills are effective and safe for constipation while pregnant. They're over-the-counter, so if you'd like, I can pick up some from the pharmacy"

Anise leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"That's sweet of you, honey. But I don't like taking medicine in regular time. It's a special time for me. I'll not ruin it. Let's just stick to the glycerin sticks."

Zach shook his head. He hated to see his wife in pain. He had plans for the weekends; not being stuck at home sticking suppositories in her behind. But that was his wife and his child. And the marriage vows he repeated and agreed to stated for better or for worse.

A few moments later, he heard Anise snoring peacefully.

He sighed; then switched on the television.



Microficción: Relato de 250 palabras escrito a partir de la palabra "activar la bomba".

...Ciertamente, los votos matrimoniales a veces se ponen a prueba hasta el límite. Sin embargo, es el compromiso de la pareja con esos votos lo que significa una relación sólida. Una nunca sabe lo que le espera en el futuro. Sólo puede rezar para que surjan situaciones que puedan superarse con el menor estrés posible.

Para mi tema, me inspiré y utilicé la publicación de @daily.prompt de 15 May 2024, @mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2373: activate the bomb.

A continuación mi historia.


Para bien o para mal

"Inclínate", ordenó Zach, poniéndole la mano en la espalda.

Anise obedeció.

Vio cómo él se colocaba detrás de ella.

Los guantes chasquearon.

Ella temblaba.
Silencio enervante.
Expectación exacerbada.

Inmediatamente, su certero empujón encontró su objetivo.

Alivio instantáneo.

Anise terminó su larga sesión de baño y caminó con cautela hasta el dormitorio, tumbándose en la cama. Una mañana, cuando menos, estresante. No podía aventurarse a salir de excursión.

Zack la acompañó. Le dolía ser testigo de la miseria de su mujer. Ya había abordado el tema antes, pero decidió intentarlo de nuevo para convencerla del trauma innecesario.

"¿Por qué sufrir? Te harás más daño haciendo fuerza. ¿Por qué no usar supositorios? Vi un anuncio que prometía que las pastillas COLACE son eficaces y seguras para el estreñimiento durante el embarazo. Son de venta libre, así que, si quieres, puedo comprarlas en la farmacia".

Anise se inclinó y le besó la mejilla.

"Eres muy amable, cariño. Pero no me gusta tomar medicinas en horas normales. Es un momento especial para mí. No lo estropearé. Sigamos con las barritas de glicerina"."

Zach negó con la cabeza. Odiaba ver a su mujer sufriendo. Tenía planes para los fines de semana, no para quedarse en casa metiéndole supositorios por detrás. Pero era su mujer y su hijo. Y los votos matrimoniales que repitió y aceptó decían en las buenas y en las malas.

Unos instantes después, oyó a Anise roncar plácidamente.

Suspiró y encendió la televisión.



The screenshot at evidences my use of exactly 250 words to create my ZapFic250.

La captura de pantalla en evidencia mi uso de exactamente 250 palabras para crear mi ZapFic250.

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Good luck everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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Now that was quite a setup ... with a happy ending for all involved!


Haha...I was hoping the ending would justify the strange beginning. I could see my readers going, "what the heck was she thinking writing this!"

A husband has responsibilities that go beyond providing for the family. It goes in the category of "other duties as assigned". I can count my hubby in that classification and was thinking of him, chuckling while writing this. The prompt gave me plenty of inspiration!

Thanks so much for your visit. I appreciate it.



That's right, after marriage, life changes a lot and becomes difficult, but we all should try to make it beautiful by giving special support to each other.


Yes, @djbravo. As long as each person does his or her best in the relationship, they can make it work. Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate it.