Change is an Aggregation of Small Changes Over Long Time

When you see some changes in your life you realize that some changes happen quickly and some take like forever in order to happen. And you have to focus on the change which you can benefit from as well. So let's take a look at how the change happen.

We often say big things requires a lot of small changes. How does that work?


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Compound Effect Happens All the Time

Even as we speak there is a compound effect of my content or my writing or even your reading is happening. You may not like this content or may like this content all of that would collectively do something and make a change in the grand scheme of things. So there is always a compound effect going on in the world. So you have to mindful of that compound effect. You may want to read compound effect book.

Either You Make Change or Universe Does

Are you letting other people do your work and make life changes? If so then you don't change. But the world around you does change. And so you have to keep on working towards the benefit that the universe does offer to you. And you have to understand that you have to make change because if the change done by the universe you may not like it.

You Make Change But Outcome isn't Assured

Have you read one of the famous quote from the Bhagvad Gita? You can take the action, you can do your 100 percent but outcome isn't in your hand. So same goes in the real life too. You always need to keep on working and also you have to make sure to be assured about your efforts and ignore what happens afterwards. Just focus on the changes and let it go.

You Focus on the Journey to Make Changes

Real life is about you taking decision and living the life around that decision. You may do a lot better when the changes happen in series of those actions. And when those changes pan out you make a lot better when you ignore the outcome and often a lot of variables that goes around in your life. So better to focus on the journey instead of results.

Change is always mixture of lot of things that are being done and also how the changes are giving the return that are around should not be our concern. So make sure to keep taking actions that play lot better in the small changes and it builds up. You will learn eventually.


Change is what we have no control over. Not even just us but every person out there in the world and even the world including air, rocks and nature goes through the changes. So we have to let go of the change we can't control.

Have you learned how change happens? how it can't be anticipated or controlled?

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